8 projects selected for the portfolio review of the seventh edition

These are the 8 projects selected for the viewings of the seventh edition of Art Photo Bcn. Among the 126 presented in our open call that took place from December 2019 to January 2020, it has been difficult but we already have the projects that will be presented and will be eligible for different awards, all of them taking the important feed back of our viewers.

The Selection Committee has been formed by photographic circuit agents such as Jesús Micó, Marta Dahó, Gonzalo Golpe, Moritz Neumüller, Simona Rota and Pedro Torres, complemented by our team with the votes of Miren Pastor, Pablo Lerma and Isabel Lazaro.

Selected authors and project submitted (in alphabetical order)

Ares Molins i Masat, Com els ulls que no es poden veure l´un a l´altre
Irene Zóttola, ÍCARO
Joel Jiménez, Castle of Innocence
Leah Fresneda & Pablo Varela, Revolutionary Island
Óskar Alvarado, Where Fireflies Unfold
Paula Artés, Firma,
Rosa Rodríguez, La línea blanca
Verónica Losantos, Archaia

The great variety of projects gives good faith of the state of the photographic medium, as well as the breadth of it, both for the projects themselves and for the profiles of the photographers and photographers who finally make up the cast of this seventh edition. From projects that work the photographic archive and the investigation to other more aesthetic ones that take care of the framing and formality in detail. From the most realistic documentary photography to the imaginary stories to which the loose creativity of the medium gives rise. All this points to a seventh edition so interesting and complex that it sure makes it very difficult for viewers to fail the awards in the different modalities.

We do not want to put aside the 118 authors who have stayed at the doors of our festival and invite you to transfer them as visitors. Thanks to everyone’s enthusiasm and work.