Projects defended by themselves

Art Photo Bcn consolidates its portfolio reviews by renewing the format. This exhibition platform for new photographers to specialists and gallerists includes a networking session with gallerists. In a relaxed environment, authors will have the chance to explain their own projects, receive important feedback and aim for the different prizes.

From this session will emerge many of the relationships and synergies for the future editions of the festival. The result of this encounter is fundamental for the nurturing of the other branches of Art Photo Bcn, such as the exhibitions in the associated sites, the workshops and activities or the Art Photo Bcn authors section of the fair. With the intention of linking the participants of the portfolio reviews beyond the edition in which they present their project*, an exhaustive following of their progress is made with the mission of developing professional relations that will last over time.

The selected 8 photographers will also be provided with a Viewing Room space on the online platform in order to exhibit their project by taking part in the online fair (with chances of selling and direct contact).

* Presentation that can be in person or online. The festival will have both options taking into account the mobility possibilities of the 8 selected authors.

New format with a double session:

1. Networking session for galleries

A viewing room for the portfolios that shall be available exclusively for galleries will take place on July 23rdfrom 6 pm to 8 pm including all the gallerists of the fair section, in addition to other guests from the galleries circuit in Barcelona. Photographers will be provided with a table (90 x 120 cm) where they will be able to unfold all the necessary elements to show their selected project and explain it to the attendees.

* (Authors who decide for an online presentation will send the printed materials to their table and will have a connection at the agreed time to attend the gallery owners who attend the session)

2. Reviewing session

The session will be held on Saturday July 24th from 10 am to 3 pm in a round-table format in which all the selected photographers will take part. Every author will have an estimated time of 20 minutes in total to explain his/her project and simultaneously receive the feedback of the reviewers, as well as answering their questions. An intense day in which enriching feedback is produced in parallel with commentaries and opinions brought by different outlooks.

* (Authors who decide on the online presentation will be able to make their intervention and present materials as well as witness the interventions of their colleagues in this format from a distance)

The award ceremony will take place on Saturday July 24th at 8 pm at Arts Santa Mònica Centre. This year for the first time the Art Photo Bcn prize features 2000€ (tax included) in cash for the winner, in addition to being the image of the next edition of the festival and participating with his/her own space in the Fair. The prize will be awarded following the vote of the reviewing committee taking part in the double session.

Selected projects 2021

  • Adrián Álvarez Cueto, The long hunt
  • Ariadna Silva Fernández, Cartografía do esquecemento
  • Arnau Rovira, Trilogía de arquitecturas poco comunes
  • Carlos Alba, I´ll Bet The Devil My Head
  • Elba Haxel, Perro Flako
  • Ludwig Nikulski, Opal
  • River Claure, Warawar Wawa
  • Vanessa Roca Forné, Never Neverland


  • Irene de Mendoza (Foto Colectania)
  • Carmen Dalmau (EFTI)
  • Roger Batiste y Xavier Francés (COPIA)
  • Eduard Bertran (IEFC)
  • Toni Amengual (LABASAD)
  • Hiuwai Chu (MACBA)
  • Amanda Bernal (Lumínic Festival Sant Cugat)
  • Rafael Arocha
  • Enric Puig (Arts Santa Mònica)


*Art Photo Bcn Award

Cash price 2.000 €
Image and exhibition space
at Art Photo Bcn 2022


*Scholarship IEFC

Institut d´Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya


*Scholarship EFTI

Centro Internacional de Fotografía y Cine


*LABASAD Photo Award

Scholarship Máster Online en Nueva Fotografía Documental



Production at CÒPIA LAB


*Lumínic Award

Exhibition at Lumínic Festival
(Sant Cugat)


Selected projects in 2020

Portfolio reviewPortfolio reviewPortfolio reviewPortfolio reviewPortfolio reviewPortfolio reviewPortfolio reviewPortfolio reviewPortfolio review