The eighth edition of Art Photo Bcn takes shape


After an unusual, eternal and very intense seventh edition that has split between face-to-face and online with very positive results, Art Photo Bcn puts the machinery back in motion towards the eighth edition, which will take place from July 23 to 25 in the Center Arts Santa Mònica, for the third consecutive year. Hoping that with the summer the good news will arrive and the restrictions will be slowly but firmly left behind, Art Photo Bcn hopes to be able to fully develop the face-to-face version and consolidate the online version, as a tool to amplify and bring the festival closer.

Art Photo Bcn consolidates its Portfolio Reviews and the call will be open until March 26. This exhibition platform for new photographers in front of specialists and gallery owners renews the format including a networking session with gallery owners. With the aim of continuing to support short and medium career authors, for the first time, the Art Photo Bcn award will be financially endowed with an amount of 2,000€ encouraging the production of new quality projects, beyond the curriculum of its authors.

In addition, Art Photo Bcn left behind the emerging term, expanding the content proposal and accommodating the work of creators in various life and professional stages. The exhibitions, activities and workshops will continue to be nurtured by the Portfolio Reviews of previous editions and new synergies will also emerge with creators who have linked to the festival in other sections as collaborators.

After experiencing the first confinement of our era and continuous restrictions, with the perception still on the surface of a brutal atomization and fragmentation of the communities, the vital and regenerative need all those cultural activities that act as a unifier and create synergies have been made more visible. The public has the need for live cultural experiences that bring together content and give a critical, analytical and reflective perspective of our present time. With this objective in mind, the eighth edition of Art Photo Bcn is taking shape.

The new visual identity starring the Where Fireflies Unfold project by Óskar Alvarado, winner of the previous edition of the Portfolio Review and takes the festival into an atmosphere of mystery through light. This feeling of strangeness and the use of the gradient and tonality of Óskar’s images have been rooted by Rubén García Castro in our visual system, adapting the festival image to the new winner for one more year.