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Sebastian González

Carlos Caamaño Foto-galería
Bustamante y Ballivian 170 San Isidro,
Lima (Perú)
Tel. +44 7761 237 081
Mail: carlos_ca@mac.com
Web: www.carloscaamano.com

Carlos Caamaño Foto-galería is an independent initiative created in 2010 with the aim of encouraging photographic production in Peru and promoting its dissemination and promotion, both in Lima and in various cities abroad. The gallery has thus become a dynamic platform for the production, exhibition and curatorship of photography exhibitions. The project is managed in collaboration with the photographers represented, and interacting with other agents in the sector, such as cultural centres, festivals, galleries, alternative spaces and international fairs. The exhibition line pays special attention to urban landscape, architecture and conceptual photography.

Weathering is the phenomenon that Sebastián González has researched the most to date. It is a constant process of multiple manifestations, material and immaterial, apparent and hidden, that affects everything alive, but also what we create and believe to be indestructible. It is a movement that does not stop, eroding the rock, yellowing the leaf, disappearing the pencil, rotting the body. At the intersection of art and science, wear and tear allows him to materially affect the work, to wear away the fibres of the photographic paper, to undo the metaphor and materialise the question. It is present not only as a subject, but also as a plastic technique and as a human process in its own existence and in the existence of all. Photography, with its attempt to freeze a point of movement, seems to challenge the time in which the wear and tear takes place. Perhaps it is capable of giving us the illusion of stopping an unstoppable process, but the work, with time, loses sharpness or fades, is evidence of the research it proposes.