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Wednesday June 21st and Thursday June 22nd - ON SITE

Rafael Arocha




Where: CC La Farinera del Clot

When: Wednesday June 21st and Thursday June 22nd from 5pm to 9pm

Maximum: 15 participants

Price: 37€

Duration: 4 hours

Language: Spanish



Dreaming of photobooks (or why you have to think twice about making one). Introduction to the photobook that proposes to approach the general ideas and concepts to take into account if we consider for the first time to materialize a photographic project in this format.

Through various themes, Rafael Arocha projects an intimate echo that confronts the reflection of who is watching, while questioning how we communicate. His work has received awards such as the First Prize at the International Image Festival in Mexico, the Fotointerpreta Grant in Barcelona or the PX3 Photographie in Paris. In 2015, he was awarded the 1st Prize of the Córdoba Biennial for Desktop Publishing for his book Medianoche, which was also a finalist in the Rencontres Book Award in Arles in 2015. He also participated in different festivals and group exhibitions throughout Spain. He is the author of different photobooks, including Medianoche (2014), Aunque sea un instante (2009) and No Caption (2013). In recent years he has also developed an intense work as a cultural manager and teacher working in the organization of training projects in photography such as the Barcelona Magnun Workshops, Al-liquindoi Workshops or Ojo de Pez Photomeeting, as well as acting as a tutor and trainer in different courses and photography workshops in Barcelona and the Canarias. He collaborates with Art Photo Bcn and his exhibition The Boss is Here can be visited at the CC La Farinera del Clot.

Rafael Arocha leads an introductory workshop about photobooks that aims at getting closer to the ideas and general concepts to be taken into account when considering for the first time materialising a photographic project with this format. Through two sessions of three hours each he will disclose the formal and conceptual elements that represent the backbone of its development, getting closer to its narrative possibilities as well as to its production process. Directed at photographers as well as anyone feeling curious, in this workshop a special selection of photobooks will be shown, focusing on themes such as power, corporality and the city.