anterior Portrait: identity, selfie and ties siguiente

Saturday 5th December from 11 am to 2 pm

Ana Benavent


Workshop of identity creation through the image wants to give the appropriate tools to create and manage the photographic portrait as a key element of their own image.

We will start by looking at what technical resources we can use for portrait photography, light, color, and composition. We will review authors who work in this genre. We will observe how we represent ourselves and how we would like to represent ourselves. We will reflect on the self-portrait and the selfie and explore it from photography. We will work on the portrait and the bond that is created in this photograph-modelx relationship, as well as the readings that can be made of it.

3 hours

Saturday 5th December from 11 am to 2 pm

€ 20


Minimum of participants: 8
Maximum number of participants: 15

Requirements:Bring camera (any type including mobile)
No prior knowledge is required


This workshop of identity creation and practice through the image wants to give young people the appropriate tools to create and manage the photographic portrait as a key element of their own image.

As photography is a fully integrated discipline in our lives, its social use among adolescents is very broad and at the same time the result of self-knowledge and the exponent of self-learning to which these individuals hang on with their obsessive presence on social networks and online. Generally they do not imply a meditation on the medium or the visual communication that they provoke. We use the photographs almost as if they were postits, such as mental notes, ways of remembering or calls for attention, expressively controlled micro-pills. However, within the means of visual representation, few offer the closeness and versatility of the photographs, both in their taking and in their manipulation through desktop publishing programs. This workshop aims to bring adolescents closer to a criterion when making and reading the images they consume on social networks and online and who build their own identity as a narrative, expressive and communicative medium.

The activity will take place in a session with two phases:

1.- Theoretical approach. Reading the image in identity key and the portrait or selfie. Viewing of authors who work the genre to create a common account of the history of photographic portrait to this day.

2.- Portrait practice. Technical themes, light and composition. Tools and meanings.


The workshop will have an estimated duration of 4 hours divided into two phases with a more theoretical part and a second practical phase.

The workspace will be enabled for the initial planning of the workshop, analysis of work dynamics, digital photography and post-production, and graphic production.

We believe that as they themselves are the protagonists, being able to photograph themselves in different ways, they will have a greater sense of control and enjoyment of the activity.