anterior Poetics of the urban siguiente

October, Saturday 17 and Saturday 24

Rafael Arocha


Revisit our relationship with the city. Resignify the visual dialectic that we have with sidewalks and litter bins. Flying through the zebra crossings … As the poet would say “Change the name of things”. Poetics of the urban is a two-session working lab, the first online and the other face-to-face, to practice alternative connections with the city around us in a practical way.

8 hours

Saturday 17 (online) and Saturday 24 (on-site) of October from 4 to 8pm

€ 90


Minimum of participants: 6
Maximum number of participants: 12

Requirements: Availability to work between sessions


In the first online session, we start with an analysis of our images and the study of some photographic references as well as other disciplines that will serve as a starting point for generating personalized work dynamics. After a week of work, the second session will be in-person during the festival and will serve to share the generated material formalized “temporarily” occupying the space where the session takes place and which will be opened to the public to your enjoyment.

Rafael Arocha understands the photographic process as a personal development with which to explore individual and collective conflicts that allow him to become familiar with intimate thoughts and emotions. His work has received recognitions such as the 1st Prize of the International Festival of the Image of Mexico, the Barcelona Photointerpreta Scholarship or the PX3 Photographie in Paris. In 2015 he was awarded the 1st Prize of the Cordoba Biennial for Desktop Publishing for his book Midnight, which has also been a finalist in the Rencontres Book Award Arles 2015.

During the last years he has also worked in the organization of photography training projects such as the Barcelona Magnun Workshops, Al-liquindoi Workshops or Ojo de Pez Photomeeting in addition to participating and teaching different photography courses and workshops in schools in Barcelona and Gran Canaria.