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Sunday 25th October from 11 to 14 PM (online)

Roberto Villalon

Roberto Villalón

If art is your reason, spread your work too. Discover how to do it with Roberto Villalón.

Are you really taking advantage of your website? Do you get commissions with it? Do you know how to use the networks? Can you communicate your exhibitions, your publications or your work? Can you at least make a press release?

Do not worry, with this workshop you will have the essential tools to better use the resources you have to gain visibility, better communicate what you do and earn money with your work.

4 hours

Sunday October 25, 10am to 2pm

€ 47


Minimum of participants: 6
Maximum participants: 12

© Roberto Villalón


With this workshop you will learn how your website should be to get clients or be attractive to others who are interested in what you do. Will teach you the strategies to make the networks your allies to get to who you need. You will learn to write an effective press release to be able to address the media and communication strategies so that your work is disseminated.

Roberto Villalón is a journalist and photographer. In addition, he is also a copywriter and applies online marketing techniques to get sales, clients or whatever you are looking for. Creator of Clavoardiendo, the reference magazine of author photography in Spain. He will tell you the steps to follow in each case, with examples and small exercises. This workshop will be a great help to spread your name and your work.