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Saturday, October 15 from 10 am to 2 pm

Joel Jiménez

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Where? Centre Cívic Pati Llimona, Carrer del Regomir 3, Barcelona

When? Saturday, October 15 from 10 am to 2 pm

Price 30 €

Aforo máximo 15 participantes

Ghosts, Footprints and Scars is a theoretical-practical workshop that proposes to establish a dialogue on different operations related to visual production based on the reflection of the research and development processes of the artist Joel Jiménez.

Joel will share his work methodology, generating a map of relationships between different photographic and cinematographic projects he has carried out throughout his career, establishing partnerships with various media artists such as photography, cinema and poetry to activate a series of ‘ideas and concerns circulating around artistic practice.

In this process, a series of key concepts related to the sensory perception of space, constellations of images, the archive and the role of memory or speculation in the development of visual narratives will be discussed. .

Beyond a chronological review, the workshop proposes to understand our work as a fluid knowledge system that facilitates thinking about how we stand in front of the images that cross us.

In the second stage of the workshop, this exercise will be open to participants and their developing projects to propose reflection tools that activate new strategies for the continuation of the production or editing of their work.

    About Joel Jiménez

    Joel Jimenez is a visual artist, cinematographer, and independent curator who lives and works between Costa Rica and Spain. His research-driven work explores themes associated with environmental psychology, place-identity, and the role of memory in our conception of history, perception of reality, and understanding of time.

    His projects are interested in the in-between states, the emotional climate that emerges from stagnant conditions, and the atmospheric experience of silence, solitude, and nostalgia.

    Joel’s work is shown internationally in group and solo exhibitions including PhotoEspaña, Singapore International Photo Festival, and Photo Israel. He was selected as a LensCulture Emerging Talent, Fresh Eyes talent, nominated twice for Prix Levallois, and a participant in portfolio reviews like Emergentes in Encontros da Imagem. His projects have been featured extensively in printed and online publications such as the British Journal of Photography, GUP Magazine, LensCulture, PHmuseum, Der Greif, Revista Balam, among others.

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