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Sunday, September 11 from 5 to 8 pm

Sonia Merabet


When? Sunday, September 11 from 5 to 8 pm

Where? Disseny Hub Barcelona

Price 37€

Maximum capacity 15 participants

The complexity of the creative process lies in the trajectory of the transformation of an idea, a reflection or a desire in a creation, maintaining a balance and a sufficient distance between the temporality of the different stages and the different components of the subject. This meeting with the Algerian photographer Sonia Merabet will allow participants to understand her process, but also to get the best out of themselves, keeping enough distance, from the trigger that can have the creator of images in any situation that resonates with the personal sensitivity and aesthetics. Through this workshop, Sonia Merabet will review the strengths that have marked her life and that have fueled her focus and photographic career.

This time of exchange will emphasize the importance of the environment in which we find ourselves, but also of the things that surround us, that we find, or that we absorb, and how to determine how to channel them so that they feed our thoughts.

As part of Jiser’s residency program in Barcelona and under the curation of Houari Bouchenak, Sonia Merabet develops a project from July 2022 around the notion of memory and oblivion, through the body and the construction of memories.

    Sonia Merabet lives and works in Algeria.

    She studied Fashion design in London, photography has always been an important tool for her research and the presentation of her projects. After taking up fashion design internships in London and New York following her graduation, she returned to Algiers where she works in styling and photography.

    Her work has been exhibited many times in Algeria and abroad, notably in Paris, Marseille, London,Barcelona and New York.

    She is currently carrying out the residency organized by Jiser and the IEMed, a comprehensive and complex project that includes not only the presentation of the works created, but also the joint realization of the whole process. Jiser, which means “bridge” in Arabic, is a non-profit association based in Barcelona, ​​whose goal is to promote artistic creation and the use of art as a tool for social transformation in the Mediterranean space, through the realization of joint activities that favor the exchange and rapprochement between the different artistic and cultural realities of the region.

    Join the celebration of the ninth edition