Viewings 2021: Extension of the deadline and possibilities

March 23rd, 2021
Visionados 2021

The hybridisation of Art Photo Bcn broadens the possibilities of all the festival’s branches. As the result of the raising awareness about current affairs as well as to watch over the participants and giving everyone the same conditions, the Viewing session increase the flexibility of its format and allows a 100% online participation, broadening the open calls until April 6th.

This new extension of the festival is the result of the reflection upon the current travelling restrictions and sanitary uncertainty, which implies thinking and organising a trip in a much more cautious way. In this way, the 8 selected authors will be able to choose whether they want to travel to Barcelona to enjoy the event or prefer to stand up for their projects through the screen.

Just like for the Fair, Art Photo Bcn leaves in the participants’ hands the decision about the way they can or want to take part in the event. In this way, the festival facilitates the participation of everyone interested in taking part, independently from their geographic situation.

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