These are the 10 selected photographers

We present the 10 photographers selected for the Art Photo Bcn portfolio review. They are the protagonists of this sixth edition and from them will come the names of the winners.

The selection committee had a hard work to select 10 of the 98 projects presented in the open call from November to March. In an individual proces they voted with the presented project as the only protagonist. The committee formed by our usuals Gonzalo Golpe, Moritz Neumüller, Simona Rota and Pedro Torres, to those who added Jesús Micó, Marta Dahó and our team with Miren Pastor, Stefano Marchei and Isabel Lazaro. It has not been possible to reach consensus and limit the authors chosen to 8. The great quality of most of the projects presented has made it especially difficult.

Selected authors (in alphabetical order):

· Ana Frechilla, Niebla.
· Andrés Solla, Lo que permanece.
· Beatriz Mínguez Molina, Tipping Lines.
· Daniel García Valero, Australian Fireworks.
· David García Fernández, el paseo.
· David Querol, blackout.
· Erik Estany Tigerstörm, Best guess for this image.
· Felipe Abreu, De todas las estatuas que encontré
· Oriol Miñarro Puig, Ínsula.
· Romina Almodóvar, tornar a la foscor.


The variety of projects is a good sign of the state of emerging photography. We can see from the abstract and dark world of David Querol or Romina Almodóvar to the research documentary side with Ana Frechilla or Daniel García Valero. The intimate and symbolic between the real and the documentary of Oriol Miñarro, David García Fernández and Felipe Abreu to the conceptual aesthetics of Beatriz Mínguez. We can not ignore the book format, which in this case is especially materialized in the Erik Estany Tiferstörm project. From color to black and white, from the most traditional techniques to formats linked to new media. From the importance of the landscape and the environment to the most intimate relationship with the image.

Undoubtedly the selected ones give a good example of the good health of the current photography in the artistic field and that its applications are as infinite as how grateful we are to all those who have presented them projects to our open call.