The seventh edition of Art Photo Bcn moves to December

October 13th

The photographic community maintains this appointment. After the second relocation on the calendar since its original month of May, it moves from December 4 to 6 and repeats the location in Arts Santa Mònica, dotting the city with exhibitions and workshops in different venues culminating with its big weekend.

In the middle of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, after experiencing what was the first confinement of our era, with the perception still on the surface of a brutal atomization and fragmentation of communities and the social fabric, we we become aware, as never before, of the vital and regenerative need of all those cultural activities that act as a unifier and create synergies. And here we are! Forced by current circumstances we can only adapt and transfer the activity that will take place in Santa Mònica to the last month of the year. The exhibitions at the Associated Venues, many of them already active, continue.

In the world of photography, as in all those related to culture, there are a large number of professionals, the work of which is developed between the authors and the final public. It is about all those professional activities among which are the creation and facilitation of content, the dissemination and sale of works of art in photographic support. The meaning of Art Photo Bcn is based on the creation of lasting and stable relationships and links between photography schools, gallery owners, curators, other festivals, printers, publishers, institutions, collectors and of course, the photographers who are the main protagonists of the entire event.

The relationships that we create in our appointment go beyond this edition since we carry out a follow-up and dissemination work of the contents of all our participants, in addition to that each edition drinks from the previous ones creating a constant link between its activators.

In most of the workshops offered we have modified the dates and in the next few days we will reveal the participants of the 7th edition. From December 4 to 6, we will see Arts Santa Mònica to enjoy the fair, workshops and open activities as well as the Julián Barón exhibition, the finalist models of the Dummy Award of Fiebre Photobook 2019 and much more. Do not miss it!