Moving towards the seventh edition!

Art Photo Bcn VII

After the break to reorganize our event and move dates, we return with renewed energy and looking forward to seeing you all at our usual meeting point with Photography that will take place in the city of Barcelona in the fall. We are preparing for you: exhibitions, workshops, activities most of all the Fair and the Portfolio Review, which will all be ready by September. The official event will be 23-25th of October at the Center Arts Santa Mònica.

We must adapt our event to this current situation, hence why we are adding a powerful online coverage through the platform and tools that we are developing to amplify our event in time and space with: a virtual visit, the possibility of online sales and streaming of all activities. We will create content expressly thought for your enjoyment from anywhere in the world. We adapt in this way to the prevailing uncertainty, offering greater accessibility to our content.

These previous months we will go through the contents of the VII edition of Art Photo Bcn so that you can book a spot in the workshops that interest you the most, meet the authors who will shape the festival and the samples that you can enjoy from September onwards. All the Associated locations are going to join us supporting the festival and making it possible to create a series of exhibitions that celebrate the importance of photography and image in these times as we are dealing with reflection of our reality and our concerns.

Wishing you the best, Stay Safe and Stay Tuned for our VII edition!

Join the celebration of the ninth edition