Art Photo Bcn also online!

Online support has been undervalued by artistic and cultural activities since the beginning. Only a few have the development of experiences so far that have convinced managers, artists and the general public. After the COVID19 crisis, the conversion to online has taken greater prominence and value and as a result has led us to look for solutions to amplify events and provide them with an online reflection that transmits our objectives.

For this purpose we have devised a platform for viewing and enjoying our content, thus providing a 360º Viewing Room with the projects that we will enjoy in the fair section in the Arts Santa Mònica, as well as a live auditorium of extra content created by our exhibitors and a streaming coverage of the activities that we will offer to all visitors.

With this tool we break the spatial limits and make available all the content that we have carefully created during this year. We have moved towards a more accessible and more connected edition to continue working towards a clear objective, to publicize the photography that it is done now. We also wait for you online!