Projects defended by themselves

We propose an exhibition platform for the project of new photographers before specialists and gallery owners who will be the jury and decide on the various awards of each edition. In a relaxed atmosphere, you will have the opportunity to explain your project to the viewers and receive their important feed back.

The portfolio review is concentrated in a double session on October 10, 2020. The photographers selected in open call from November 15, 2019 to January 25, 2020, will defend their photographic project before a group of professionals from environmentally sensitive sectors. The viewers are the specialized public invited to the festival.

For the first time we will develop a double session reviewing.

First we create a portfolio sample room exclusively for galleries that will take place on Saturday, May 23 from 10 to 12h in which all the gallery owners of the fair section will participate in addition to other guests of the gallery circuit in Barcelona. Photographers will have a table (90 x 120 cm) in which they can display all the necessary elements to show their selected project.

After this networking session with galleries, the portfolio review is carried out, in a round table format and with the prominent reviewers, among which are the selectors of the different awards. This session will take place on Saturday, October 10, from 12.30 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Selected projects 2020:

  • Ares Molins i Masat, Com els ulls que no es poden veure l´un a l´altre
  • Irene Zóttola, ÍCARO
  • Joel Jiménez, Castle of Innocence
  • Leah Fresneda & Pablo Varela, Revolutionary Island
  • Oskar Alvarado, Where Fireflies Unfold
  • Paula Artés, Firma,
  • Rosa Rodríguez, La línea blanca
  • Verónica Losantos, Archaia


    • Irene de Mendoza (Foto Colectania)
    • Carmen Dalmau (Galería Cero – EFTI)
    • Roger Batista y Xavier Francés (COPIA)
    • Eduard Bertran (IEFC)
    • Arianna Rinaldo (Cortona on the move)
    • Hiuwai Chu (MACBA)
    • Bernat Millet (Lumínic Festival Sant Cugat)
    • Rafael Arocha
    • Toni Amengual (LaBasad)

*Art Photo Bcn Award 2020

Exhibition space on the fair
Art Photo Bcn 2021


*Scholarship IEFC

Institut d´Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya


*Scholarship EFTI

Centro Internacional de Fotografía y Cine


*LABASAD Photo Award

Scholarship Máster Online en Nueva Fotografía Documental



Production at CÒPIA LAB


*Lumínic Award

Exhibition at Lumínic Festival
(Sant Cugat)


Selected projects in 2019

Portfolio reviewPortfolio reviewPortfolio reviewPortfolio reviewPortfolio reviewPortfolio reviewPortfolio reviewPortfolio reviewPortfolio review