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Elena López de Lamadrid, Nuria López Torres, Joan Tomàs, Lluís Ripoll, Israel Ariño, Xavier Gómez, Mey Rahola, Jaques Léonard, Joana Biarnés, Isabel Azkarate

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From Photographic Social Vision we do not believe that we have overcome the Covid crisis and its effects, we are in it, weathering the uncertainty in our skin and projects, although for the moment we have been lucky, nothing has been canceled for the moment, only postponed.

We repeat at Art Photo BCN for the good sales results of last year and join forces with a local fair such as Art Photo BCN. Also for our mission of supporting our foundation photographers. The Professional Area of ​​our Foundation wants to promote the collection of documentary and contemporary photography, and to make known the treasures that exist in many still unknown archives. The talent of our photographers must be made known, and not only locally, especially internationally.

Reach out to pre-pandemic audiences and potential new audiences. Through online is the formula. We are very curious to see if the virtual version of the fair interest and sales. We are developing on-line projects so that our public can enjoy our exhibitions at home, see this year’s World Press Photo 2020 which will offer virtual visits to the exhibition. We are also developing a tool to promote the purchase of photography among collections at an international level.

We believe that we have a great challenge, photography, creators and the artistic circuit because these are times of change and there is a lot of uncertainty. However, we understand crises as great opportunities, and now it is important to be creative and courageous. Bet on our mission. Think of new projects that excite us, make sense and adapt the ones we already have regularly to the new reality. Above all, we want to promote the sale of quality photography work at fairs, on-line, in new spaces and also internationally. Continue supporting our member photographers and caring for and disseminating our represented and advised archives, which are already many and very interesting: Oriol Maspons, Joana Biarnés, Jacques Léonard, Mey Rahola, Isabel Azkárate and Leopoldo Pomés.

Photographic Social Vision
Jacques Léonard

Jacques Léonard

The selected photographers and archives represented for this edition of Art Photo Bcn are the following.

Elena López de Lamadrid. Recent personal works
Nuria López Torres. Copies of his latest project Odú and the well-known Muxes
Joan Tomas. Copies of his recent Okinawa project (we will sell his Okinawa book) and of his latest collages made during confinement.
Lluís Ripoll. A selection of analog copies selected from his archive, 1980s, totally unpublished.
Israel Ariño. Copies of his recent series: Voyage en pays du Clermontois
Xavier Gómez. Imaginarium Series and its series: Revelations
Mey Rahola (archive) Current and certified analog copies of his first photographs taken in the 1930s.
Jaques Léonard (archive) New current copies, certified.
Joana Biarnés (archive) selection of analog photographs from her archive with a special focus on showing fashion photographs from the transition years.
Isabel Azkarate (archive). First Basque woman photojournalist with a selection of her photographs from the New York series, 1980/81

The piece to highlight this edition is the box with the collection of 19 “Revelations” by Xavier Gómez for example, but also the first copies of the pioneering photographer Mey Rahola, all of them unpublished for the public and for the first time accessible to be collected.

Mey Rahola

Mey Rahola

Joan Tomás

Joan Tomás