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Natalia Davtyan y Carissa Díaz

ELISAVA – Escuela Universitaria de Barcelona – Diseño e Ingeniería

Máster Fotografía y Diseño


La Rambla 30-32 Barcelona 08002

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The Master in Photography and Design at ELISAVA, Barcelona University School of Design and Engineering, is a university postgraduate program based on photographic practice, which approaches photography as an open discipline through which the student is encouraged to create extensive highly complex photographic projects, while exploring the most contemporary approaches to photography.

The Master emphasizes innovation, experimentation and theoretical and practical research, and motivates students to actively engage with contemporary photographic practice through publications, exhibitions, and participation in real photographic projects. ELISAVA is a school attached to the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), one of the most prestigious universities in Barcelona and Europe.

From ELISAVA we look to the future, and we return to Art Photo Bcn to continue supporting emerging photography, and especially to our graduates. We consider this course as a transition course between two realities that are undoubtedly and will further change the reality of education and the photography market. From ELISAVA’s Master in Photography and Design we are optimistic, and we believe in the transformative capacity of photography and of our students, and we educate them on that. This philosophy that is even more important in these times in which we want to enhance the capacities of our students, guide them to open the way for them and connect them with the professional field to encourage their dreams to reach their destination.

We believe in a better world and we can help transform it. We are prepared.

Master en Fotografía y Diseño ELISAVA
Carissa Díaz

Carissa Díaz


Perteneser delves into the sense of belonging that arises from the place we call “home”. Encountering the familiar within a confined domestic space allows me to coexist with this “greater whole” that surrounds me. Building a sense of belonging, I fulfil my quest for self-exploration, while I literally make myself “fit” within the new home I have created for myself.

Natalia Davtyan

Natalia Davtyan

I dreamed about

The pandemic has been an excuse to spend more time indoors and to have honest and therapeutic conversations with myself while walking on my terrace. It was my chance to look at the outside and inside worlds with more attention, trying to detect and explore things that had never been seen.