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Álex Llovet, Mónica Rosselló i Jordi Guillaumet, Inzaheano Latif, Neus Solà, Roger Ballen, Roger Grassas, Xavi Bou, Ainoha Valleoha Valle

Carrer del Villà, 68

08173 Sant Cugat del Vallès



Associació Festival of photography Luminic gallery. As a result of the Covid we have the 2020 edition extended to 2021, with the commitment of the Sant Cugat city council where the festival takes place.

The gallery project linked to the photography festival, for the projection of its artists, is presented to the public for the first time at Art Photo Bcn. Our main objective is to promote and disseminate photography, creating a platform with different activities. Luminic festival, Luminic gallery.

In Art Photo Bcn we will show a selection of lumínic artists with Alex Llovet with Be aware of the dog, Mònica Rosselló and Jordi Guillumet with La vista renuncia, Inzaheano Latif with This is thottenham, Neus Solà with her Ulyomo project from India, Roger Ballen Asylum of the birds, Roger Grassas amb min turab, Xavi Bou with Ornitographies and Ainoha Valle.

The online will be a reflection of what we will show in person at Art Photo Bcn. We are developing the online Gallery. We work to maintain cultural and photographic consumption, betting on formulas compatible with current socio-cultural circumstances, such as online activity.

Undoubtedly, we are in a complex situation, but we trust that through activities and projects such as Art Photo Bcn or Lumínic, photography will have a greater role. This situation will invite us to be more creative in terms of formulas for cultural consumption. Viva Zapata!!

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Roger Ballen

Roger Ballen

Asylum of the birds

Àlex Llovet

Àlex Llovet

Be aware of the dog

Xavi Bou

Xavi Bou