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Antonio Guerra, Diego Opazo

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Inaugurated in 1994, it disseminates in Galicia the new trends in contemporary art in painting, photography, video, digital printing, sculpture and design, through the work of renowned national and international artists. Promote the proposals of young promises. The aim of the gallery is to present a dynamic program of emerging and established artists, who, using different supports, carry out a rigorous and innovative program, which is part of the most current trends in contemporary art, organizing exhibitions commissioned and produced by the gallery space.

Marisa Marimón Gallery
Antonio Guerra

Antonio Guerra

Antonio Guerra (Zamora, 1984) His work reveals an interdisciplinary approximation to the photographic medium, where sculpture, photography, and installation merge to reflect upon the transformation processes of landscape and our perception of it through images. Nature, man, and its footprint are themes that interest him as an author. Now he is investigating the relationship between the human action in its surroundings and its linkage to photography as an object to intervene. For that purpose, he manipulates his work with the intention of broadening the limits of photography, creating a relationship between the objects, the surroundings and the photographic medium. In the last years he explored and investigated the aesthetic possibilities of space, natural settings and daily scenarios, which are used and photographed as a plot line and connected to the individual as principal acting agent in the alteration of the medium itself.

Diego Opazo

Diego Opazo

Diego Opazo (Santiago de Chile, 1966) He uses the photographic medium as a tool for expression and interpretation of his projects. He focuses and develops projects in which he runs away from urban life to look for more deserted and less visited places, as happens in his last project “Teluria”, which does not appear in maps and where quadrants and compasses tend to fail. In his series he realizes an exercise of introspection and contemplation, directing his look to small details and filling them with significance.