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Soledad Soler Quesada

Carrer Fontrodona 31
Barcelona 08004
Tel 931 744 907

Fuga is a center dedicated to exploring photography and visual culture through courses, exhibitions and projects. One more year we have their representation through a project that has emerged from their classrooms.

Soledad Soler Quesada

Soledad Soler Quesada

Soledad Soler Quesada is a freelance professional photographer that focuses her personal works on themes such as identity. She studied at Escuela Argentina de Fotografía (EAF) and at Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya (IEFC). She recently also attended a Master’s Degree in Art for social transformation, social inclusivity and community development: Artistic Mediation at Universitat de Barcelona. Co-founder of Luciérnagas Arte en Acción, a platform of collective authorship.