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At El Observatorio, Covid came to us at a time when we were reformulating ourselves and we had the necessary time to work on it at a conceptual level, although at a practical level we have not yet been able to fully develop it, because of the pandemic.

Part of our activity are courses and in terms of classes we have opted to continue with face-to-face training since for us contact with the authors who pass through our space is essential. In any case, as we expected, the number of students has dropped, but we have weathered the blow quite well.

We have been participating in Art Photo Bcn for several years. It´s a place where we feel very comfortable. We share many of the values ​​with the organization and we are delighted to be part of this meeting point for photography in the city of Barcelona.

El Observatorio aims to be a laboratory of ideas and experimentation around photography. Through its three-year training itinerary, it aims authors with the necessary tools to find their own language and to be able to narrate, structure and formalize their photographic projects.

On the other hand, El Observatory is presented as a creation platform in which more than 150 works have emerged in recent years, contributing to contemporary creation different points of view of our reality.

Finally, El Observatorio has become over the last 10 years a meeting place both for the community of photographers who have been trained in our space and for the rest of the photographic community of the city with conference cycles, book presentations, workshops, etc. Much of the contemporary photography of our country and great international authors have passed through El Observatorio.

We think that nothing can replace the experience of having the works and the authors in front of them. The virtual allows you a great variety of options that can complement the face-to-face experience. But there are the works thought and developed in which the virtual has a role, whether main or secondary, such as Erik Estany’s “Del que pasa fora” that will also be presented in this edition.

El Observatorio
Juan Sánchez Sánchez

Juan Sánchez Sánchez

Panadella starts from the curiosity for a charismatic and representative space of a bygone era and approaches it from a perspective where reality and suggestion converge to generate a story that moves between documentaryism and reinterpretation.

In this edition of Art Photo Bcn we have decided to present Panadella by Juan Sánchez Sánchez. A multi-award-winning project simmered for 5 years that is now in its final phase. Panadella shows us a place that has lost its reason for being, but that refuses to disappear. Due to the type of work that Panadella is in the face-to-face stand, we will only be able to put a few images, so we will take advantage of the online space to expose the project in its entirety.