anterior Còpia Lab Sant Carles de la Ràpita, Tarragona siguiente

Vanessa Roca Forné

Carrer Séneca 5 08006 Barcelona

Tel. 93 415 20 00



The festival has another year with Còpia Lab, who give visibility to the project they awarded in the viewings of the 8th edition of Art Photo Bcn, in this case that of Vanessa Roca i Forné.

The Còpia’s Wall Award consists of the production and exhibition of the project that they themselves choose as members of the viewings. The Copia’s Wall Award has awarded the work of Óskar Alvarado, Erik Estany, Jesús Montañana, Antonio González Caro and José Navarrete in previous editions.

Vanessa Roca Forné

Vanessa Roca Forné

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