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Kati Riquelme y Joan Teixidor

Carrer Regomir 3, Barcelona 08002

Tel. 93 256 61 00


In our interest to create bridges between different circuits we have detected in the civic centers of Barcelona specialized in the photographic medium a great potential of authors and authors to discover and recognize. To give them the necessary visibility, it was agreed that they participate, from the previous edition, with a stand coordinated by the ICUB’s Center for Civic Centers for these three centers: CC Pati Llimona, CC Can Basté and Espai Català-Roca.

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Kati Riquelme

Kati Riquelme

Kati Riquelme, visual artist born in Chile and established in Barcelona. His work dialogues around silence and the fleeting flicker of memory. Subtle, delicate, deeply human and emotional, his pieces dwell on the details and objects through which time leaves its traces. Riquelme works with small formats, forcing the viewer to approach the work from privacy. Through meticulous work and modesty, he also vindicates the value of what is small, fleeting and delicate, in contrast to a society that imposes values ​​of opulence and lavishness.

Joan Teixidor

Joan Teixidor

The stills contain a crude creative process and a silent explosion. Something like seeing the first death metal logos printed on t-shirts or photocopy fanzines, with their implicit sound. Can you go beyond white on black? Sometimes not, but it is also true that gray rhymes with shades and that life is in color.