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Clara Barrios, Alba Díaz y David Momblán

Carrer de Llançà, 21 Barcelona 08015

Tel. 93 325 77 87 / 93 325 72 91


In our interest to create bridges between different circuits we have detected in the civic centers of Barcelona specialized in the photographic medium a great potential of authors and authors to discover and recognize. To give them the necessary visibility, it was agreed that they participate, from the previous edition, with a stand coordinated by the ICUB’s Center for Civic Centers for these three centers: CC Pati Llimona, CC Can Basté and Espai Català-Roca.

CC Espai Català Roca
Clara Barrios

Clara Barrios

Nowhere but inside

A series of landscapes without coordinates. Anonymous fragments, absorbed, isolated from their surroundings. The project assumes that the importance of the perceived, goes beyond objective reality, rather, it lies in the emotions. It doesn´t matter who, what, or where, but what it transmits and awakes in us. The intention of capturing the abstract. A set of sensory stimulus through which feelings are developed and expressed. Scenarios that, in silence, invite us to an introspective trip.

Alba Díaz

Alba Díaz

The Pact of Silence

During the Franco regime in Spain, hundreds of thousands of people were executed and buried in unmarked ditches. My great-grandfather Jose Montes de Oca was among those never found. The Pact of Silence focuses on the historical memory of the terror of the dictatorship, while looking into the possible locations where my great-grandfather could be buried. Ordinary spaces such as car parks, schools or road conjunctions conceal the victims, while preventing their recovery.

David Momblán

David Momblán

Unconscious landscapes

Unconscious landscapes shows us mountains and dunes that no longer exist, created from materials accumulated provisionally during the process of building a huge mall. Under a ubiquitous black sky, David Momblan Villalba captures a landscape in transformation, almost lunar, bare and rustic with great beauty shapes that invite us to a paused contemplation and reflect on the face of land speculation.