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Sara Sanz

Passeig Fabra i Puig 274 Barcelona 08031

Tel 93 420 66 51


In our interest to create bridges between different circuits we have detected in the civic centers of Barcelona specialized in the photographic medium a great potential of authors and authors to discover and recognize. To give them the necessary visibility, it was agreed that they participate, from the previous edition, with a stand coordinated by the ICUB’s Center for Civic Centers for these three centers: CC Pati Llimona, CC Can Basté and Espai Català-Roca.

CC Can Basté
Sara Sanz

Sara Sanz


The four walls that limit the recreational space become the witnesses and the victims of the absent glances, the histrionic shame, the vertical bankruptcies, the forgotten objects and the traces of drives. Adolescents find a way to appropriate the space of freedom of the campus from this transgressive nature, leaving a mark or record of the atmosphere of probation – parole – that is breathed. They do it through screams, graffiti, insults, gestures of affection, silences, self, looks, fights, unfinished sandwiches, aluminum foil balls that roll without end, and paper airplanes. that they have made fly from the classrooms and that, with the aim of crossing the school walls, they have ended up landing in the courtyard.