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Andrei Fărcășanu

Carrer Calabria 178, 08015 Barcelona
93 188 23 23



Ilmondo Photographic Gallery was founded in 2010 at Calle Calàbria 178 in the Eixample Esquerra neighborhood of Barcelona. Since its inception, its purpose has been the promotion, dissemination and sale of limited edition photography in all its genres through the work of a specialized team. With the philosophy of space at the service of photographers and culture lovers, we have organized more than seventy exhibitions, programming a diversity of authors and works, supporting both local and international talent in order to enrich the network of cultural spaces in the city of Barcelona. Created with the aim of breaking with the classic idea of ​​the gallery and in a continuous search for proximity and the interrelation between author, room and viewer. We understand the gallery as a space for the production, development and creation of personal and collective creative projects with the aim of offering our clients and visitors a space where they can enjoy culture and photography.



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