anterior Welcome to the barrio siguiente

Oriol Miñarro

From June 30th to July 30th CC Pati Llimona


Welcome to the barrio. You are in the barrio.

The route is through the neighborhood, the neighborhood of the mind, with its concentric circles, submerged, loud, vicious, hidden and concealed, a vision of the streets in which order must coexist with chaos. The route through the neighborhood that we do not want to see, the neighborhood that is denied, the grotesque parade, the one that makes life complicated, the one that writhes and survives, mental imaginary in which reality and fiction shape a gritty narrative of our self, the story of the unavowable of a society.

The neighborhood, an underworld where a flow of realities foreign to the intelligible passes by, a framework where the being involved exposes itself with no deception, a fabric of social connections that end up conforming cells of different characteristics and realities, a raw space, without filters, without prejudices, without any moral dogma to bring us back to reality, where weird travelling companions govern their lives following bizarre and unwritten laws, owners of the secrets of their past, bearers of an essence that oozes all around the neighborhood, hellhounds of a veiled tolerance of vices, legacy of the dictatorship, the degradation of the body and the salvation of the soul.

The eye informs the mind, the mind orders the finger, a light readjustment, a mediation, a capture of the moment…scrutinizing our inwardly for us to confront and face each other. The neighborhood manifests itself, declares what it is, revealing what we are.

Welcome to the barrio. You are in the barrio. The barrio is in you.