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Carlos Alba

From 30th June to 27th July Biblioteca Agustí Centelles

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Landskrona is a city in Sweden marked by having been a refuge for migrants and exiles along modern history and especially after the industrial crisis that made it lose the majority of its population in the beginning of the 80s. Carlos Alba moved to this locality in May 2017 sponsored by the Landskrona Foto Festival to deepen the way of progressing and adapting of its inhabitants, both local and coming from much different realities. He sets out a psychological journey between the present and the past using both archive material and new images.

The Taste of the Wind puts the emphasis on the politics of the image, its veracity and its information, objective or not. How that image coming from the archive shapes the collective history through its directed look. By adding to this archive his own new images resulting from the research and compilation of testimonies, he wants to open in front of our eyes a new look upon individual movements, the collective mutations they provoke and how they are used and forgotten in the creation of a collective memory that does not lack motivation. His work represents a tribute to those who look for their freedom through a reflection on the present as an anchor point that starts from the past and inevitably goes towards the future.

Carlos Alba: “With this body of work, I want to question what photographers remember and forget, for whom and for what. I want to encounter visual connections between the foreigners and the locals who live in Landskrona, I want to materialize and simplify the circumstances, unchaining an analysis, a reflection and empathy, with the goal of helping in the creation of a bond with the surroundings. I want to expose the concept of impermanence and change of social scenarios and alteration of the landscape. This is a tribute to the people that are always looking for their freedom. They do not know if they are going to find it, but at least they will be able to enjoy the taste of the wind.


Workshop: The Strangers Zine by Carlos Alba
Thursday July 8th and Friday July 9th from 4 to 8 p.m. at Biblioteca Agustí Centelles

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