anterior Of all the statues I found, only one knows how to say I love you siguiente

Felipe Abreu

October 1 to 31 CC La Farinera del Clot

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Felipe Abreu is a photographer, editor and curator as well as a teacher at the El Observatorio. He has been presented at Art Photo Bcn with two projects, Folie à Deux in 2017 and Of all the statues in the last edition of 2019.

The exhibition is complemented by a Fotowalk by the author.

Night urban exploration activity. We will see how to use photography and direct flash as a style and language resource. Divided into two moments, first they will go out into the street to produce and in a second point, the work will be edited seeking to build a narrative together within the group.

More information and registration at info@artphotobcn.com

Of all the statues that I found, only one knew how to say I love you is a visual diary that seeks, in an urban and night space, to reflect the state of mind of its author. The images of the series have been made in a moment of special vulnerability, economic and mental, in which the habit of wandering instinctively to photograph at night was presented as the only relief for this situation. This process generates a complex set of images, from which repetitions and motifs begin to emerge that become guides within the visual labyrinth in which the author is trapped. This cryptic structure resembles your frustrated process of getting out of your depressed state.