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Víctor Enrich

From 6 to 26 October CC PARC SANDARU, Buenaventura Muñoz 21, Barcelona


Víctor Enrich takes a retouched and impossible photograph that has given way to an unexpected turn, taking him to work the plastic arts such as painting and sculpture, without neglecting the way of working of new media and data processing. His current practice draws on his previous photography, treating the image as a large coordinate space in which each pixel is at the service of a broader aspect. Now he revises his own way of doing to transfer it to painting, previously going through photography, reflecting on the concept of unique work, on the aura of the work of art and the reproducibility of the image.

About the activity / presentation
Víctor Enrich presents us, through an autobiographical review that dates back to his beginnings as a renderer in the late 90s, all the philosophical and conceptual development that, consciously or unconsciously, has turned to his artistic work. In an entertaining talk and accompanied by a rich compendium of visual references, Enrich will reveal each and every one of the fundamental and indispensable secrets, experiences and technical display in his work.