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Estela de Castro

From July 2nd to 28th CC Sagrada Familia

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“Fotógrafas” had to exist.

After portraying the maximum exponents of Spanish photography and leaving us hypnotized with the beauty and intention of her images, Estela de Castro turns her gaze to the authors of her generation in order to find them, the women photographers. Perhaps it was them pioneers that in clear minority were able to shine in a mainly masculine world, being the responsible now of the different situation we live in and, according to the author, for this they deserve absolute prominence.

The delicacy through which Estela looks at and impregnates everything she does results in this series of honest and beautiful portraits that, by lacking any artificial devices, show in depth the essence of these women photographers in their everyday space. At the same time, you are also in front of a work in which photography transcends being figurative in order to weave a little constellation of shared identity around the craft.

I like to see her working, it moves me to see her getting comfortable in our vital scenario and to direct her gaze from there with empathy, with intensity, observing the details that she reels off thoroughly until everything fits together behind the camera lens.

“Fotógrafas” is an excellent photographic work; it is a narrative of current photography and its protagonists, but it is also a catalogue of affection and care around the profession and who practices it in a moment in which they are much needed.

Judith Prat


Portrait workshop: Looking, feeling, breathing by Estela de Castro
Saturday July 3rd from 10am to 2pm and from 4pm to 8pm

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