anterior Firma

Paula Artés

From June 10th to July 31th CC Can Basté


It is proved that the State uses a series of more or less recognizable mechanisms with the much clear intention of exercising its control upon the population in order to avoid revolutionary movements and, clearly at times, to create order within society and not let it be chaos.

We owe Michel Foucault the comprehension of the idea that power is not only to be found in the State apparatus, as could be for example the Congress, but also in other parallel mechanisms that work on a more daily basis, outside the apparatus of the State, such as, for example, administrative structures. The Tax Agency being one of them.


The reflection posed by Paula Artés with the project Firma is about rethinking space as a form of exercising power. According to Foucault, the administrative structures created by the State serve as a panoptic upon the population. Foucault, as well as Farocki, argued that we ended up becoming a disciplined society and that our behavior is controlled through surveillance. Now that we are more conscious that it is possible to exercise control through virtual spaces as well, and precisely for that, the author looks for more consensual physical spaces that, sooner or later, are going to disappear.

Firma aims at deepening the most visible aspects, yet sometimes ignored, that daily shape our lives. Do we know how much information is managed by the State when it comes to us? How is it used?


Workshop: Research as essential to create by Paula Artés
Saturday June 12 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at CC Can Basté

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