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David García

From December 3 to 31 FUGA, Fontrodona 31, Barcelona

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David García won the FUGA Award in the previous edition and will materialize in this 2020 with this show.El Paseo talks about silence and explains that History in capital letters cannot be told, that it is made up of small stories, that are reaffirmed and contradicted, that come and go in time, changing. Adapting to the time and place in which they are told or silent in which they cannot be narrated.

Photographer of places laden with history, where seemingly nothing happens. The images of these places are accompanied by texts that explain what happened there. These texts are silenced. In this way, all the information that could give us both image and text is latent, hidden and will not be revealed, as an analogy of the current situation. In the texts, the story that will be visible, will seek to confuse the viewer by proposing a parallel narrative, but with echoes that allow us to reach the theme that they hide.

David García.

I realized that there was part of the recent history of my country that I had not been told neither at home, nor on the street, nor in public education. In my attempt to get to know this part of the recent history of Spain and in the continuous walls that I find myself, this is where this project arises. After more than 4 years of research and imaging, assuming that I am not a historian or an anthropologist, I understand that it is not my job to write history. I am a photographer and as such I want to generate images that can create in the viewer emotions similar to those that have occurred to me when walking this path, that lead him to want to know something of the stories that I hide (that they hide from us) and finally that is done a reflection on the reasons for silence and the foundations of denial.