Del que passa fora siguiente

Erik Estany Tigerström

From September 10 to October 31 CC CAN BASTÉ, Passeig Fabra i Puig 274, Barcelona

Del que passa a fora 150

Erik Estany Tigerström was the winner of the Art Photo Bcn 2019 Portfolio Review, as well as one of the scholarships of the XV edition of the Forum Fotogràfic Can Basté and the Copias Wall Award. His work reflects the connection between the machine and the photographer, thinks about the alterity that defines the relationship between people and technology. Erik watches everyday life through the window like its a screen. He looks at what happens outside to think about what happens inside, within this layer of images that mediates between us and the world.

Del que passa a fora.

The machine and the photographer are inside. Closed, isolated, motionless. They look out through the window. They watch the world from a distance. Concentrated on this fragment of limited reality. An omniscient view that sees everything: the people, the asphalt, the hands, the cars, the cat, the rust, the children. A panoptic eye. What sees us from above. A security camera abandoned to static drift.

The contact between the two becomes so intimate that their surfaces become confused. They merge. They are integrated into a single body. A device. / A machine to see /. Like two Siamese brothers with a screen in the middle that separates them and connects them.

The machine and the photographer look through the window together to see what is happening outside. And at the same time they look at each other through the screen to see what happens to them inside. They cooperate to encode things into images while they compete to decipher how the other decodes them. Like two eyes that look out together and at the same time look inwardly at each other. A looped dialogue to see and think how the other sees and thinks. A symbiotic relationship. Like a continuous flow of thought between two parasitic animals that are inside each other simultaneously.

Simultaneously they look out the window and look out the screen. Both interfaces reflect each other as two mirages. They confuse them, they confuse us. The realities they show are polluted and feed back. They are coupled: things that happen outside, the images of things that happen outside. The insignificant everyday life of a piece of road is transformed into a scale model of reality full of signs to decode. A raw material to produce images. A drill. A reality in post-production where space and time collapse into a new editable multiple virtual reality. An infinite Control + z where everything is in power and nothing ever ends up being.

Erik Estany Tigerström