À la ville de … siguiente

Eugeni Gay Marín

From July 5th to 29th CC Parc Sandaru

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“À la ville de … Barcelona” was the sentence pronounced by Juan Antonio Samaranch at 1.32 pm on October 17th, 1986. Barcelona was becoming the Olympic host of 1992. A collective enthusiasm was taking over the city, many things would have changed. Barcelona was encountering the sea again; the rounds, the Villa Olímpica and many other infrastructures were built with the aim of improving a city that was opening up to the world.

Through slogans such as “Barcelona make yourself pretty” and “Barcelona the best shop in the world” little by little the city ended up becoming a beautiful showcase where living is becoming everyday more difficult.


Barcelona has been losing its inhabitants since 1992, while Catalonia saw an increase of 23%. The price of housing grew 5 times more than inflation. 15 millions of tourists visit us every year. The word gentrification entered our usual vocabulary and everyday there are more people forced to leave their neighborhood and city.

The images proposed by Eugeni Gay Marínare are a tour starting from the outside and going towards the center of the city in which the spectator transits metaphorically the slow change that originated from the enthusiasm for a better city as a result of the Olympic experience to the one currently expulsing its own inhabitants. It begins in natural spaces where the human presence is absent and ends with the shop windows of Paseo de Gracia, the best example of identity loss and commercialization.

He plays with the photographic language and the sensations perceived by the spectator in front of the photos. He starts with images of horizontal landscapes, light, with a pleasant lighting and through a slow transition he reaches the end where photos are verticals, confusing and expressly unpleasant.

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