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ART PHOTO BCN is a Photography Festival that includes a portfolio review that gives awards to support the work of new authors and help them to expand their contact networks in order to grow their proposal. Our goal is to publicize the work of new photographers, both professional and amateur, regardless of their previous trajectory. The project presented will be taken into account exclusively in order to give equal conditions to all applicants without taking into account training or previous activities. We support the work of the creators of the future and serve as a showcase for their present projects.

The call for photographers of the review is open for completed and ongoing projects. From November 15, 2019 to January 25, 2020, the open call receive the projects that will go through the selection committee. Selection Committee: Gonzalo Golpe, Moritz Neumüller, Pedro Torres, Jesús Micó, Marta Dahó, Simona Rota, Miren Pastor, Pablo Lerma and Isabel Lázaro.

Open call rules

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From the proposals received during the open call months (from November 15, 2019 to January 25, 2020) through the online form of our website, 8 projects are selected to be presented during the event of the viewings in its double session , galleries and round table.

The selection committee will only evaluate the project to be presented by each candidate, being able to present more than one per author and taking into account as different applications. Previous experience or training will not be taken into account, giving priority to the project to be presented as your own entity at all times. In this way the form only allows you to upload personal data, the text or statement of the project as well as a maximum of 10 images in JPG with a maximum weight of 2 MB. The name of these documents must be made up of letters and figures, with no punctuation marks to be uploaded correctly.

Each photographer will be sent an email verifying the good condition of the files sent and the account number will be provided to pay the € 35 registration if you have not made the payment through a card that allows the web. This amount will not be reimbursed to the author and conforms his contribution to the efforts of his project.

The decision of the selection committee will be made public on Monday, February 5 through the web and social networks, also sending an email to those selected and participants confirming their attendance at the session and asking them for the necessary materials for its correct dissemination.

Irene de Mendoza (Foto Colectania Foundation) – Carmen Dalmau (EFTI) – Ada Sbriccoli y Arola Valls (Fuga) – Roger Batista and Xavier Francesc (Copy) – Eduard Bertran (IEFC) – Pablo Lerma (Meteoro Editions) – Arianna Rinaldo (Cortona on the move) – Mariela Sancari (Mexico Image Center) – Daria Tuminas (Fotodok / Unseen Amsterdam) – Hiuwai Chu (MACBA) – Toni Amengual (LaBasad)


The day of the viewings will take place on Saturday October 24th from 10 to 16h. Photographers are asked to arrive at the festival location at 9.30 a.m. to welcome them, tidy up materials and intervention shifts. At 10 o’clock we begin the review after presenting the attendees and participants and briefly explain the dynamics.

Session Galleries. Each photographer will have a 120 x 90 cm table to display their project in physical or digital format. If you want to show video or audio you will have to do it from your own device. The organization will not have equipment available to everyone in this first part of the session. The gallery owners will move from one table to another freely having to go through all to deliver their vote before leaving the place.

Roundtable session. Each photographer will have 5 minutes to explain their project. You can use that time to show your work both printed materials arranged on the table and image through a computer. The organization will put at your disposal a projector and computer. After this explanation, the reviewers give their opinion for 5 minutes. To conclude the photographer will have 5 more minutes as a reply to the comments. The times will always be approximate, hopping for the participants to be respectful to them for the proper functioning of the session.

After these interventions, the reviewers will contribute their vote for the Art Photo Bcn Award and during the same day they will send the decisions of the individual awards to the organization. The names of the winners will be announced at the awards ceremony that will take place on Saturday, October 24th at 8:30 p.m. at the festival venue.