The tangible image by Rafa Badia siguiente

Rafa Badía

Sunday 11 September from 5 to 5.45pm Espai F, Disseny Hub Barcelona

Rafa Badia 2

Talk by Rafa Badia about the paper production of photographic copies and the decisions that are made around them.

When? Sunday 11 September from 5 to 5.45pm

When? Espai F, Disseny Hub Barcelona.

The tangible image is a reflection on the dimensions of photographic paper copies in an era, electronics, in which images are mostly consumed on screen. Compared to the liquid nature of virtual images, whose size depends on the device being used, copies on chemical or printing paper offer the certainty of an unalterable physical size. The fact of touching them also generates in the viewer the primitive certainty that the image truly exists.
In the field of creative photography, the dimensions of the photographs should in theory be adjusted to the subject, the purpose and, not least, to the quality of the negative or the digital file of origin. Despite this, many of the images exhibited in galleries and museums are oversized, for commercial reasons unrelated to their photographic value. This reflection will try to propose ideas so that, when making a fine art copy or designing a printed publication, the quantitative and the qualitative do not come into conflict.

Rafa Badia (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 1964) is a photographer, graphic editor and teacher specialized in photographic narrative and documentary photography. Degree in Information Sciences (Audiovisual Communication) from the Complutense University of Madrid in 1987. His professional life has focused on the photographic image, working as an author, graphic editor for publications and teacher in photography schools and universities in Spain. He is the author of three photobooks: A Barcelona (2009), Barcelona Blues (2015) and Años en Plata (2021)

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