anterior Talking Books – Curso Discurso siguiente

Gonzalo Golpe, Ricardo Báez and Alejandro Marote

Saturday 5 December from 7pm to 7.45pm ONLINE

Design: Ricardo Báez
Photographs: Alejandro Marote
Text: Gonzalo Golpe
CMYK Edition: Cabeza de Chorlito
Black edition: SED Editorial

Curso y Discurso is a rare, infrequent book, difficult to classify and even more so to define. Typologically speaking, it could be said that it is a poetic essay on photographic books and visual language that uses design and photography to project itself, to gain meaning, as well as to talk about itself. There is a lot of work in it, years of exercise and thoughtful dedication. It is the product of extreme care, diligent attention, of that work in which you put great care. Its authors have by profession editing, design and photography, they are known for their works, but above all for their particular way of carrying them out.