anterior Presentation: The Endurance siguiente

Laia Albert

Saturday July 24th at 6.30 pm Arts Santa Mònica

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Art Photo Bcn receives by the hand of Centre Cívic Guinardó the project The Endurance by Laia Albert. In this small talk, the author will present the project from its conception to its editing, also projecting the audiovisual content that accompanies it.

Laia Albert Casado was born in Barcelona in 1990. Trained in photography at IEFC, direction of photography in cinema at ESCAC and cultural management at UEMC, both her photographic and audiovisual work is based on everything related to humanistic subjects. Looking into the human condition and the legacies left by different circumstances and places, the line of work upon which she projects her creations is based on two aspects: humanism and analogy.

Prominent among her projects are The Endurance, presented at the San Agustín Convent, C.C. Pati Llimona, C.C. Guinardó, Mirades Festival and the women cinema cycle “Bendita Tú” in Buenos Aires, as well as The Tolar, exhibited at the Revela’T Festival, Festimatge, y Stripart. She also participated in Art Photo Bcn, SETBA Jove y RAVALKM0. She is also a member of the international collective Film Shooters Collective and Taller Milans, an association focused on the study, dissemination and teaching of ancient photographic techniques.