anterior Presentation: Alerta Mira-sol siguiente

Blanca Munt

Friday July 23rd at 8 pm Arts Santa Mònica

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Presentation of the 5th Fiebre Dummy Award winner photobook accompanied by Tanit Plana.

In 2019 the photographer Blanca Munt joined a neighbourly chat created to monitor the neighbourhood and alert in case of possible home robberies or whatever suspicious act. What in the beginning looked like an efficient instrument between the neighbours soon became a source of conjectures, suspicions and paranoia. The seemingly calm coexistence between the neighbours of a district with luminous streets and standardised houses leaks water not only for the actual happening of these robberies, but also for the absolute disaggregation of the idea of community when what is at stake is their individual safety: they will not feel suspicions only about strangers’ appearance or attitude, but also about whatever neighbour that doesn’t comply with the commitment of the group.

With a clean and sober design that reminds the mail flyers of a real estate or security company, the dispassionate pictures of Alert Mira-sol intertwine with the ones of a more ignited discourse that mentally takes shape as we get to know the interesting points of view of each protagonist of this scenery – neighbours, suspects, policemen, local administrators – and that directly address our own fears and contradictions. In her own words, through Alert Mira-sol Blanca Munt offers a “reflection upon the tension between the privilege of living in a peaceful place and the constant feeling of a latent threat as part of the current culture of fear”.

Blanca Munt (Barcelona, 1997) believes the best way of transmitting her capacity to create something and tell stories is through the fusion of photography, design and video-making. She is interest in themes such as housing, architecture, suburbs, landscape, portraits and society and investigates the culture of fear and paranoia, which has brought her to realise the project “Alert Mira-sol” (2020). The photobook was the winner of the Fiebre Photobook Dummy Award (2020). She also exhibited her project “Soil and Ceiling” (2021) in the seventh edition of the Mirades photography festival of Bajo Ampurdán. She was the assistant of the photographer Tanit Plana, taking part in the project “Pubescent” that was exhibited in La Virreina (2020) and currently carries on a curatorship project with Borja Ballbé on the digital platform “Panorama” where they publish artistic projects that address themes related to landscape and territory.