anterior Presentation: Nadie es visible sobre la tierra siguiente

Irene Zóttola

Saturday July 24th at 7 pm Arts Santa Mònica

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Presentation of Irene Zóttola’s photographic production with focus on her last creative process realised at Can Basté Foto which is possible to see at their space in the Fair section of Art Photo Bcn. In a self-taught way she explores the limits of analogue photography to express her particular dreamlike world of nature, sexuality and identity through physical and biographical self-referentiality in pictures that are often accompanied by a text. She is specialised in the use of liquid emulsion on different kinds of supports, a technique whose original creative process transforms each piece into something unique.

As a social educator, Irene Zóttola uses pictures as an educational tool with different collectives. As an artist, she explores the limit of analogue photography to express her world through a self-referential work that she often accompanies with text and where the dreamlike, nature and the search for identity are very much present.

Apprentice of the Slow Photo collective and scholar of CFC Master’s Degree in Author’s Photography in Bilbao, her work has been showcased in many festivals and fairs in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Morocco and published in magazines such as She Shoots Film and editorials such as La Bella Varsovia.

Winner of the last edition of the Fotocanal contest, she will soon publish her first photobooks with Ediciones Anómalas.