anterior Digital Kit for gallery owners and artists siguiente

Bestalde Studio

Thursday 8 September from 7.45pm to 8.15pm Espai F, Disseny Hub Barcelona

Bestalde Studio

The objective of the Digital Kit Program is to subsidize the implementation of digital solutions for small businesses, micro-businesses and self-employed workers.

Through this meeting we want to promote the digital transition of the cultural sector by facilitating the process of processing these economic aids that consist of a bonus with a maximum amount, based on the size of the company:

· Segment I: from 10 to 49 employees, maximum: €12,000 (open call)
· Segment II: from 3 to 9 employees, maximum: €6,000 (open call)
· Segment III: from 1 to 2 employees and freelancers, maximum: €2,000 (opening forecast in October 2022)

In addition, throughout the festival, you can request an appointment at our stand for free advice, assessing whether the necessary requirements are met, helping to choose the solutions that best suit each need and indicating step by step how to request the digital voucher.


Join the celebration of the ninth edition