In the city

Art Photo Bcn splashes the city with exhibitions and activities that link and give continuity to the authors who have participated in previous editions of our event. Exhibition halls help us to create a network of actions around photography and its protagonists, involving the city that welcomes us every year in spring, Barcelona. We expanded Art Photo Bcn in space and time, extending beyond the center of the city and from the beginning of April to the end of June 2019 in this sixth edicion.

Associated locations 2018 and photographers

· CC Guinardó, Roger Grasas, David Querol, Sabela Eiriz and Miguel Soria.

· Fundación Foto Colectania, Cristina de Middel and Bruno Morais

· CC La Farinera del Clot, Juan Margolles

· CC Can Basté, Shinji Nagabe

· CC Sagrada Familia, Ana Frechilla and Anita Licis Ribak

· CC Albareda, Marta Bisbal

Centre Cívic Can Basté

Centre Cívic Can Basté

Passeig Fabra i Puig 274, Barcelona

The history of Can Basté is more than three hundred years and has gone through several stages to become the current civic center. On a medieval tower, a farmhouse was built that did the functions of the field, holiday house, flower store and even conservatory of music among others.

As a result of the local demand since the seventies and the desire of the democratic municipal district to recover the architectural heritage of Nou Barris, the centenary house became a civic center in 1995.
Currently, it is managed by the Turó Acció Socio Cultural (TASC), and organizes many social and cultural activities for leisure and citizen participation. In recent years they have made the Can Basté an important photographic reference space.

+34 93 420 66 51

Centre Cívic Sagrada Familia

Centre Cívic Sagrada Familia

Carrer Provença 480, Barcelona

The Centre Cívic Sagrada Familia was inaugurated in the spring of 1997, integrated into a building that grouped other facilities. Its thematic objective is to become a specialized and reference center in the field of gender, so that it is transformed into a true experimentation laboratory and a nucleus that brings together the most innovative voices in this field.

The center has worked from the beginning on gender issues through the Fem en Femení cycle, a cycle that seeks to capture and disseminate what women do and think about different aspects. Through different activities, issues related to the world of women were worked from an informative point of view, as an aesthetic experience and always with the intention of fostering a critical spirit.


34 93 450 89 17

La Farinera del Clot

La Farinera del Clot

Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 837, Barcelona

La Farinera is a place for cultural creation, a meeting and starting point between creative people and spectators. A factory for the creation and diffusion of scenic, musical and audiovisual arts. Culture as a mechanism for social transformation and collective action. Culture beyond creation; understood as the interaction, the daily artistic links of the community.

La Farinera is full of traces that claim its industrial past, the historical memory of a building and a neighborhood. The building dates from 1908 when housed the Casa Harinera de San Jaime SA, which was producing flour until 1991. In 1995 the City Council of Barcelona bought it commissioning its rehabilitation and it opened as a cultural center in 1999.

+34 93 291 80 80