We propose an exhibition platform for the projects from new photographers to show them in front of specialists and jury who will decide the awards. In a relaxed atmosphere, you will have the opportunity to explain your project to the viewes and receive an important feed back.

The screenings will be concentrated in 5 of May from 10 to 14h. A single session in which the photographers selected through an open competition, will defend their photographic project before a group of professionals from the art world. The viewers form the specialized public invited to the event so they can create synergies with the participating artists and galleries.

Amongst the viewers, in addition to the Selection Committee of Art Photo Bcn, there will be representatives from different areas of the art world: university professors, established artists, gallery owners, curators and cultural managers, museum and trusts directors. From their participation in the viewings will emerge the winners of the various prizes and relevant feedback for participating photographers.

Fotógrafos seleccionados:
  • Oriol Llauradó
  • Laura Van Severen
  • Alex Llopis
  • Colectivo 19
  • Lluís Estopiñan
  • Marco Panzetti
  • Jesús Montañana
  • Gerard Boyer
  • Sara Montenegro

- Ferran Izquierdo (IDEP)
- Irene de Mendoza (Fundación Fotocolectania)
- Elina Norandi (Comisaria y directora del Festival MAV en Cataluña)
- Erika Bornay (UB)
- Angel Samblancat (Marchante)
- Flor Vacherand (CC Pati Llimona)
- Ada Sbricolli y Arola Valls (CFD Barcelona)
- Carmen Dalmau (Galería Cero - EFTI)
- Roger Batista y Xavier Frances (COPIA)
- Paco Baena (Centro José Guerrero)
- Gustavo Alemán (Fuego Books)

PREMIO ART PHOTO BCN18 Image of the next edition of Art Photo Bcn and exhibition space. Laura Van Severen

PREMIO CFD Exhibition Laura Van Severen


PREMIO EFTI Training Grant in EFTI International Center of Photography and Cinema. Madrid. Sara Montenegro

COPIAS WALL AWARD Production and exhibition. Jesús Montañana

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